How We’ve Made a Difference

Share a Smile is an absolutely wonderful organization that has brought immeasurable joy and relief to the patients and families served by the Pediatric Early Care (PEC) program. PEC provides services to children living with potentially life-limiting illnesses and their families, who are often faced with barriers and financial hardships and are caught in a difficult balancing act of managing their children’s care while also maintaining jobs, their homes, and all other aspects of life. Share a Smile has readily stepped in to provide invaluable support to these families in the form of assistance with housing rental payments, utility bills and the like. As a social worker, I truly appreciate the creative, warm, prompt and kind approach that Share a Smile has demonstrated in all of my many interactions with their organization. The Holiday Smiles program provided many PEC families with laughter and delight over the holiday season. Share a Smile exists to provide real, tangible, thoughtful support to those in need and I am so grateful to be in partnership with such a fantastic organization.

Pediatric Early Care; Hospice of Michigan

The principals of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools cannot say thank you enough to Share A Smile for the generous donation of 300 backpacks filled with school supplies. These were handed out to our neediest students. Both the students and their parents were delighted to receive the backpacks and they definitely helped to ease the financial burden for our struggling families.

Plymouth-Canton Community School District

We really appreciate all that you do. Our Head Start program benefits from your Winter Warmth and Holiday Smiles program. We are so grateful that we can always count on your partnership.

Bussey Head Start, Southfield

Share A Smile holds a special place in the hearts of our families as they would not have been able to celebrate the holidays without the items you generously provided. We look forward to working with you in the future and hope that one day our families will be able to pay it forward, as you did for them. We cannot thank you enough for your assistance during the holiday season.

School District of the City of Pontiac

I wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU for your generosity during this “stupid cancer”. You have lifted my spirits in a way I cannot convey to you. I feel lucky to have received some help and am beginning to feel the love that comes with small acts of kindness. You truly shared a smile with me.

Susan, Cancer Survivor

Share a Smile Organization has been a wonderful part of my daughter’s life. I contacted the organization to request an ipad for my daughter, Anna, who has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. I was thrilled to receive the ipad with her name engraved on it. Anna can now interact with all the wonderful apps for children with special needs. Even better, she can interact with her siblings as they finally want to use a device with Anna. This has been educational for her, and heartwarming for me. Anna has also achieved great balance and core strength through horseback riding therapy referred to as “Hippotherapy.” The therapy is not covered by insurance so Share A Smile assisted with this as well. I was also able to introduce Anna and speak about how wonderful the Share A Smile is at their annual golf outing in September 2012. I was excited and honored to show the golfers how special Anna is. She is an example of who this Organization touches. We have many challenges with a child such as Anna; but we also have places like Share a Smile that give openly to those who need it most. I love this Organization and am proud to be able to share my experience.

Anna’s Mother

Our youngest daughter Anylah has been in and out of the hospital for most of her young life and that has caused some financial hardships. But Share A Smile not only supported us through their Holiday Smiles program, they assisted us with rent and helped us get back on our feet. I want to say thank you and that you are truly lifesavers. I am trying to do the right thing and get back on track for my kids sake, and because of you I can do that. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Antoinette, Anylah and family

I am a school social worker, and I am always searching for reliable resources to assist families in need. I work with parents who care for their children who have special needs, and they typically cannot work a “traditional” work schedule which impedes their ability to sustain income. They might need to stay at the hospital with their child or attend frequent medical appointments. This causes great stress as well. Yet their needs are like everyone else’s in that they need a car, a home, food, and a working phone. So when bills fall way behind and they are looking at being evicted, losing their vehicle or not having enough food that’s when the going gets tough. So, you can only imagine that I when I found “Share A Smile” that I was elated! They are a pleasant surprise in a world where people can be so harsh. The staff makes helping people a pleasure like it should be. It is so disheartening when a family really needs help and they are treated like beggars when they are not. The organization responds so quickly, which makes life less painstaking for the parents. Moreover, the staff at the school could not believe the help families received at Christmas time. It brought tears to our eyes. We are still talking about their generosity today. So without a doubt “Share A Smile” is not only their name it is what they do.

M. Heulitt, LMSW – School Social Worker

Share A Smile was instrumental in helping one of our patients, a cancer survivor, relieve some of the financial pressure that she was feeling. Due to mounting medical bills as a result of her diagnosis she was struggling to pay her ongoing monthly bills. Share a Smile helped her get back on her feet. Additionally we have partnered with Share A Smile to assist many other patients. It is heartwarming to know there is a place for our patients to turn during such difficult times.

Providence Cancer Center, Oncology

I would like to say a few words about Share A Smile that I hope can possibly express my gratitude. I have worked with families in need for over 30 years and have been challenged daily by words such as ‘there is nothing we can do’, ‘they did not give me the documents in time’, ‘our budget was cut…..sorry’ and my favorite ‘they don’t qualify according to our rules.’ There will always be human beings whose heart lights have dimmed or gone out for reasons we should never judge, but do all the time. Share a Smile is one of those rare organizations I have found that takes those heart lights and reignites them to glowing flames. I am truly thankful to have an organization like this as a partner.

Michigan Department of Human Services Children’s Protective Services

When our daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia all we could focus on was finding her the best medical facility. This meant treatment far from home, which required travel and lodging expenses, mounting medical bills along with daily expenses. Share A Smile was there to provide assistance during our most difficult time. Thank You again for everything you have done for our family. Alivia continues to fight against Cancer and has learned to include God in her young life and knows that through this incredible journey, he stands with her through it all. We feel extremely blessed for this gift and hope to be able to pay it forward to those in need in the future. Thanks again and God Bless!!

Alivia’s Mother

My children and I had to leave an abusive situation and were living in a women’s shelter. We needed assistance with utility bills so we could find a new, and safe, home. Because of the generosity of Share A Smile we were able to start our new lives. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you so much for helping us smile again!


When my 2 year-old grandson was rushed to the hospital with a 3rd degree burn, I knew I had to devote all my time to gain full custody of him. During that time I also made sure he had the best medical care and was enrolled in a wonderful pre-school. Unfortunately I fell a little bit behind in some of my bills. It is not in my nature to ask for help, and if it was just me I would not have asked. But I have to do what is best for my grandson, who is my full-time bundle of joy that I love with all my heart. Share A Smile was there when I needed a helping hand and I am so grateful to them for allowing me the opportunity to provide my grandson with the life he so deserves.